Superstitions and OCD

superstitionDon’t we think that the living standards are altogether changed these days ?

The answer to which is ‘ yes it is ‘

In todays stressful lives , many people are suffering from sadness , loneliness, depression , etc which heads them towards a new pack of superstitions

People who are sad , lonely , depressed , easily come under the trap of superstitions and in turn OCD ( Obstructive Compulsive Disorder )

It is highly affecting today’s generation .

According to this disorder , people get certain strings of thoughts running in their minds that they have to perform their tasks this number of times in order to get satisfaction  or if they will not do so , something can cause harm to them ( just an example stated )

It can have a lot of adverse effect on their lives

And the thing which can take them off doing all this is their own mind 

Keep a straight view that there is nothing of this sort and force your mind to think that over and over and see the difference your mind wont be able to think that again and again as it has numerous jobs to do , lol 😃

Try it out and will continue on the same .

Stay tuned 😎