003When it comes to confidence , we have it and one should be confident in order to achieve heights of success

However there are certain points which are to be pondered upon 

Have a look at the following 

  • There is a lot of difference between confidence an over confidence . For example : we have the confidence that we can do a particular task and we accomplish it , on the other hand , we boast oneself that its easier to do a task and we fail doing it that is over confidence .
  • Also how we portray our confidence to others matters a lot . Stating an example for the same : Facing an interviewer in an interview , interviewees expect the volunteers to be confident enough. The concerned person should be sufficiently capable to impress the interviewed .
  • Your personality is depicted by your confidence .
  • Be confident in whatever you speak or whatever you do.
  • Self confidence is must for everyone .

One can complete numerous tasks having the required confidence . Also having inner confidence which sometimes needs to be shown whilst on the other side needs to be hidden .

Your surprising abilities are good too ☺☺

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