Sense Of Humour


Though everyone has a sense of humour , the manner which we portray it matters to a great extent .

It is categorised as a good and bad sense of humour .

Now the question arises how to differentiate between a good and bad sense of humour 

For example : a comedian standing in a crowd is having that ability in his humour which attracts people around him , moreover he is having that particular knowledge to judge what people want him to convey and also spectators enjoy him which is called good sense of humour 

Whilst on the other hand , another person is speaking endlessly on any topic disregarding what people want , also sounding rubbish , not able to differentiate if people are enjoying him or making fun of 😆 which in turn is called as bad sense of humour .

A good sense of humour is a great personality trait . The person having it is the happiest as to stay jolly and make people laugh in this stressful world is a great job one could do .

So a good sense of humour is a must have in order to live freely , happily , so enjoy and make others smile .