Fall in love with yourself

love myself.gifFall in love with yourself . Sounds crazy ? It is not at all . Trust me .

Falling in love with yourself is the best you could do . In fact , it is the most prestigious gift one could gift themselves.

Find out what you do not like in yourself ? Why you don’t like it ?What could be done to improve it ? 

*Talk to yourself the most *

Question your brain , search for answers , not for anyone else but only for you .

Sit idle in an open area , look at the sky. It would give you the feeling of harmony . Then calmly think , is there anything in you which is keeping you away from disliking you ? 

If you get the answer YES , then head towards correcting it .

On the contrary , if the answer you get is NO , then who is stopping you to love yourself beyond infinity.

The only thing is :

<Stay True To Yourself>