Release The Mental Pressure


The other day , I met someone who was preparing for competitive exam. He was so confident that he is going to clear the exam with a good percentage of score. I felt so good listening this that the person is so positive about clearing the exam.

The days were passing by and were approaching towards the result day .

Finally ,  the result day came . Was so excited to hear his result . However , when I had a word with him , got the answer , the exam was not cleared .He was really disappointed and disheartened at the same time . I told him , nothing to worry about , you could nail it next time for sure , and if not , then the next time . Next time is always there.

Then he told me , he was OK with it , however he was under so much pressure of his family for clearing that exam . His disheartening was due to his family’s pressure . His family even suggested him to not to prepare for the same exam again. Isn’t that really de-motivating ??

What we learn from this is , we should always feel light in all the aspects of life . Never feel pressurize . Pressure gives rise to over thinking and tension leading to deviate the person from his current focus.

This is not only for the competitive exams that we have to be pressure free, in our other and all life scenarios also, we should follow the same agenda !

Take it lightly , and never be pressurized , you will succeed for sure !!!!!!!