Why Does This Happen To Me ?

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How many of us are under this thought ??? Why does this happens only to me ?? The answer would be ” many of us “. Right ?

I don’t think that there is a single person who hasn’t uttered these words even once in their life . If yes , then : thumbs up !! 

Have we ever thought , that we only utter these words when something bad happens to us , or something which we do not have expected , or which we don’t want to happen .

The thing is , we have made our mindset in such a way , that we believe , it is only happening to us . However , when something good , something surprising in a pleasant manner happens to us , do we utter these words then as well ? The answer is “NO” , “Never” . We all become so secretive at that time so that no one could even guess what is happening in our lives . It is a bitter truth .

We should always be thankful to God , and ponder on all the blessings ‘He’ has endowed us with divine favour and protection. 

We all are fortunate enough , to seek ‘His’ divine blessings . So stop complaining right away !!

Stay Blessed !!

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