Over Thinking


Now this is really a point to ponder . Is it right to over think or is it completely wrong to over think and let it go. This is something we all wonder , isn’t it?

Our purpose is not to completely avoid over thinking , if we are going to do so , how are we going to achieve our goals ? On the other hand you might be thinking , over thinking will lead to stress , depression .

Here we have to be very careful and learn that there is no harm in over thinking whilst you keep in your mind that you are over thinking in the right direction and not the wrong direction . 

Now , the question which arises in all our super fast minds is How to differentiate between Right Over Thinking & Wrong Over Thinking ? 

When , our thinking is based upon beliefs , illusions , it is wrong thinking , on the other hand if it is based upon reality , facts , then it is right thinking !! Sounds simple or Tricky ??

So go on over thinking in the right direction , think on the facts , on the reality . Stop focusing on the beliefs , on the thoughts which you think is there and actually is not !!

I hope I made it clear to you all . For any queries , feel free to drop in your comments , would love to go on a further discussion on the same .

Stay Tuned for more !!

Good day !!