Be Expressive

expressive_iconExpressions are something which we all have , now the question arises , how many of us are expressive enough ? How many of us really express what we want ? What we really desire ?ย 

It is utterly important for all of us to be expressive , so that we could tell what we want , rather than just keeping it to ourselves. Nobody would know what you desire , until and unless you yourself express your feelings .

We should not think that what others will think if we will say this or if we wont say that . Significantly , all of us have feelings , now the person who suppresses his / her feelings , would not be having inner peace and inner happiness , because somewhere at some point of life , he / she would be thinking that their opinions , their views are never taken into consideration . How will they be taken , when you yourself are solely responsible for the same . You never put forward your views , then people start taking you for advantage . We are the ones who could make ourselves important and vice versa is true any ways .

Start expressing yourself today , to feel light , to stay happy , for your comfort .


Stay tuned for more and more !!!!!!!!!!!!