unnamedLet us make it very clear what we are going to discuss in this topic . ‘UNDERSTANDING’. Isn’t it really important for all of us to have an understanding, do not confuse it with understanding others , rather , I am talking about understanding ourselves i.e. Self Understanding , which carries utmost importance .

One has to understand themselves deeply in order to understand others . Without understanding self , there is no point in understanding others . If a person is not-self sufficient in understanding himself / herself , how could he / she be able to understand others. The point which arises here is to have a wider vision of deep one self where a person is translucent about his / her pros and cons.

A person who understands oneself wholly , that person would not want to understand others .

That person is going to find no need in understanding others as he / she will be happy enough and self-satisfied , which is more important other than anything ,  as whatever we do , we do it for our own happiness .

This lets us to be merry in our own inner world 😊😊!!!!!!!!!