How to Manage ?


In our busy schedule of life , it becomes really difficult for almost everyone to make things in their place , to manage things , relationships , responsibilities , etc. There is always so much to do . If you are in the studying phase , there is so much to study , in the working phase , a lot of work  and assignments to do , and when you get married , all set of new responsibilities are lined up . 

So , day by day we learn that we have to cope with the day-to-day activities , the responsibilities are not going to decrease , they are going to increase only .

It is always better that we keep every responsibility at its own place . 

We need to focus on everything , go in-depth , what is the thing demanding from you to do . Likewise , it is always good to have a time slot for each activity. When you give a proper time , you will notice the difference in your power of management . Your work should be devoted in every manner , which is going to give you perfection in your tasks , your relationships , also will make you a better human being .

Getting your time slot framed , is the best practice to manage everything .

Also , apart from this , we all should not forget a time slot for self which is in evident for us to stay fit !! 

‘mentally and physically’😊😊👍👍