unnamed (1).gifWhen we talk about calmness in our lives , patience pays an essential role there . One who deals everything patiently has the ability to overcome anything coming his / her way without any obstacles . 

There are different types of people all around us . Some have the hurry to do work , some just want to compete others, some do the work with lot of tension in their minds , etc . All five fingers are not same that we all know , however , we should aim at doing our tasks efficiently and calmly . 

I am not talking about doing your work slowly and getting stuck to it .

We should understand that working hastily will not only ruin the work but also lower down your efficiency and perfection in it ( work ).

We should always be communicative to our minds . What if we spend 5 more to it ? This could be in numbers , in reference to time , etc . Just say to your mind , no worries , give it another 5 . You will see how this method changes your ability to do work .

Patience will help you to deal with a stressful situation , as acting violently to it won’t help at all and also affect you adversely . Just pass the time self-restrained which is going to help you to stay in power . Increasing your internal powers is going to help you in becoming a better person as a whole .

It may sound stupid to be forbearing all time but trust me its gonna help you the most .

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Stay calm , stay patient , stay happy , not only for others , but for your good 👍