anigif_enhanced-7427-1405370621-65.gifWork should be like food to everyone in their lives . One should understand the importance of work . Like , we have to eat our food in order to avoid medicines so that medicines do not become our food in future , in the similar manner we should be seeing ‘work’.

Now , here there is a difference in what I am talking about . We do not only have to work to acquire a livelihood , anyways that is there and should be , however our main aim should be working , not necessarily in the monetary terms , any sort of work . It could be cleaning your surroundings , cooking , worshiping ,  trying different ways to explore in whatever field you like . But there should be work . Not only tangible, but also intangible work , the work which runs in our minds , in our thoughts . 

God has given us our minds to use, to make full use of it . Do not stop working in your minds . It carries utmost importance . There is no such work which you don’t learn from .

The thing is , for peace and harmony in our lives , one should be engaged in some or the sort of work . 

Now whether you work smartly or work hard , that all depends upon one’s efficiency , yes but please don’t make it hardly any work 😆🤣lol.

Our main aim is to give work to our brains and not let it sit idle and allow it to party 😀 , because our brain does not party’s the way we want it to . Hope you all understood 😊 .

Keep working , keep playing and partying with your work thoughts without stress , make sure 👍👍

Stay healthy , stay calm and of course stay tuned for more and more !!!!!!!!!!