imagesWhenever we look at something or someone , our human nature instantly starts comparing / collating it with some or the other , its a human nature and at times we could not help ourselves from doing so . However , if we really want to collate something or someone , it should always be done with self . 

If we start practicing this habit , it would be really beneficial for our near future . It renders a great help as one comes to know what were the pros and cons and what are going to be . For instance , when we are studying in high school , or graduating / post graduating , we see that how much others are scoring irrespective of what knowledge others are gaining . Scores do matter but are not everything . If you really want to compare your scores , so why do you need someone else when your previous scores are self sufficient to be compared with ? 

Similarly , at our homes or in our day to day working life , there are people who keep on collating you with others , but what is the need ? We all should be self satisfied that it is very much OK to be yourself . Do not compare the siblings also amongst themselves . Motivating one at one hand and demotivating the other on the other hand is not the solution to the things the latter can’t do . It is always better to look upon them as they are and encourage them to do more . Comparison would not help . 

Compare with oneself , where you were standing earlier and where you are today ! !  

Each person on this earth has some or the other ability which makes him / her different from the other .  We all should try and find out ours (ability) or hidden talent and focus on it . 

It will help us to stay confident , self motivated and happy , undoubtedly ❗❗