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Ohh what a peace !! 

This Sunday morning , sitting in the bright sun and watching the birds chirping , I found life is really awesome. I mean , just look at those beautiful birds , who are so care free , flying here and there , enjoying the brightness of the sun . Not like us , who are caged in the world of gadgets , making ourselves panicky at times .

Couldn’t help myself writing on hearing these soft chirpings , as if they were politely talking to and asking me to stay light-hearted and carefree . 

I found this mesmerizing that how could just a little thing could help you stay calm and peaceful . There is so much to learn from our surroundings if one is observant enough .

Thank you little birds , you made my day , and hopefully this blog of mine would make yours 😊 

Stay happy , stay peaceful and blessed 🤗🤗