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Ever thought why we fall in love with the babies at once ? Why we feel that they are so so adorable in whatever they may be doing , why they look so cute , its none other than the innocence they carry . The babies are so innocent in real sense as they are away from any sort of tension . Even if you scold your baby , he / she will react for a minute and would end up cuddling in your arms .

They are a full packet of love , warmth , happiness and that is why bundle of joy term is given to them .

What if we go back into our childhood again and relive those cute moments . It all depends on us solely .

A child is happy always , as he is away from the harshness , why don’t we also keep a distance from the ruthless side of life and ponder upon its beauty .

One could not conquer the world being shrewd , your innocence and simplicity is something which would attract everyone the most ( at least I think so ).

I don’t say that one should sound brainless in gatherings , that is not the meaning of being innocent ( don’t take me wrong ) . One has to be intelligent enough to deal with everything in life , however , take an innocent path rather than showing your cleverness .

Stay positive , Stay loved with your innocence πŸ‘πŸ‘ and that is how its going to help you lead an optimistic life πŸ€—πŸ€—

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