Feel Happy


This morning , having a look at my site , I wondered , is this work really done by me ? I mean , I felt really happy that I wrote them . It brought a lively smile on my face . See , nothing is perfect in this world , we are at times happy and at times sad , which is very normal ,as we are human beings , but thats ‘OK’ .

Like today only, I was nowhere in a mood to write a blog today  being stuck in some other important work , however when I opened my website , just to have a look , which I do everyday , as I take care of it as my baby , and do not want it to be leftover even for a single day . I started gazing and scrolling it downwards , and you know what all smiles came up on my face , and I felt really calm and was appreciating myself that ‘YES’ , finally , finally I contributed something in this stressful world , a work of peace , a work of harmony , which gave me the happiness I wanted to be within me .

The main benefit which one could get from our work is , the benefit of happiness , the feeling of light – heart , which is not comparable to anything else in this universe . 

When you are happy , you could make others happy as well , as it says , charity begins at home !!

Hope you all get my point . Feel happy in whatever you are doing , in addition to it , the work should be done with your will , and should not be forced upon , and do not forget to appreciate your work , as it bounces back , will give you appreciation . 

With all smiles and happiness , Stay tuned !!