Don’t we think that words are the most vital thing which we all have . It is something or rather I should say everything with which one could make or break things / relations . Using harsh words in our language is going to make ourselves weaker as it is directly proportional in harming one’s inner peace . We all should keep our darts to focus on our inner selves .

See , our outer beauty could be enhanced by using many things available in the market , however for the most important inner beauty , we only are solely and wholly responsible .

With time , we all experience in our lives is , what is going to benefit ourselves in our future is none other than a beautiful soul . 

Words once spoken out could never be taken back , it is the most powerful tool we have , which has a direct impact on someone’s heart or make them away from us .  God has gifted us with a beautiful tongue which is the strongest muscle as well , we should try to use it in a pleasing and alluring manner so that it leaves a beautiful impression about us on ourselves as well as on others .

We should always be very calm about our words .

Go ahead and make yourself and then someone smile with your beautiful words . 

Good morning ❗❗