Never Give Up !!


Do you all know where does ones potential lacks behind ? It is not when he / she fails to do any task , it is not in the planning phase , it is not in the execution phase as well , it is therefore when one gives up , raise up his / her hands , leaves his / her will to do that task again .

It really leaves a negative impact on ones health and motivation , when the give up phase comes in between .

There is an old phase :

‘ Try try try until and unless you succeed ‘ .

It is more or less very true . Never let yourself or anyone else destroy your motive , goal to acheive the aimed tasks . It would not affect anyone else however you yourself only as it is going to keep you demotivated and that fear to do that specified task will always remain in your mind .

Always remember :

Rome was not built in a day

So come on folks , grab this Sunday oppurtunity to do something which you have been trying since long and gave up hard of trying .

Try it today !! Have a great day !! ☺☺