The other day I came across something very interesting . Nothing much , however a lot . I learnt that how could a person learn so much from little things around .

I was simply sitting and was not in a very cheerful mood though . Suddenly found , there were things around which were not in place . So , thought of arranging them in a nice manner .
When I started doing that , I found , the place where they were supposed to be kept was really untidy . I took a rag , a wet cloth , some mats and started cleaning them .
Trust me , I was not at all in a mood to do all this , however , once I commenced the same , it involved me so much in it , that it took out more and more from me and with a smile on my face though . As if the racks were happy to be cleaned , they were happy that they are been taken care off by someone . My not so good mood turned into a cheerful one in no time doing this work of happiness.
It is all upto us how we take our lives , like this small work of cleanliness left me with immense pleasure . Similarly , if we keep cleaning our thoughts and give them a positive direction , they will also leave us smiling , you will be happy yourself that you are blessed with beautiful thoughts .
Cleanliness always leads to a better outcome , whether it is cleaning of our surroundings or it is your own thoughts and living .
Go ahead , clean something today and be cheerful .
Have a clean , tidy day !!☺☺