Be Inquisitive


Ever thought how boring life could become if we do not show interest in it and let it go on its own ? Whatever we are doing , we should be doing it whole hearty and should pour our full interest in it .

Many people hesitate in asking questions on whatever they are learning . They feel that they be turned out to be fools by their fellows if they ask something that the other has already understood . This is human nature , I do not deny it , however , it is better to be a foolish once rather than remaining the same for your lifetime . If you are not clear at any point in whatever you are learning , feel more than free to ask it again and again . 

Keep your aim in such a way , that if you are learning anything in any field , you should be knowing every bit of it . So that whenever in future , you need that to make use of your knowledge , you do not have to look at other faces for the answers . 

If you are applying any formulas or something , keep doing that until and unless you solve your query.

Be inquisitive by nature , you should not feel light unless you find the answer . It should always being poking inside you to get a solution .

Gain knowledge , improve your confidence level . 

Have an Inquisitive day !!