All There In Our Minds

Have we ever thought of trying to do something which is not common ? Of course we must have tried at some point in our lives .

Many of us live under the impression of being lucky or unlucky . We even check our days and specify them as our lucky day or an unlucky one . But what if we change our fortune for the day ? You could indeed , as it all lies there in your gray matter .

Try fooling out your brain at times . It is that simple .

Go ahead and try out an activity today . Let us suppose that there is something qhich you find really unfortunate for yourself and you have to leave for your important work or rather not important enough , however , ya , your daily routine say .

Go and grab that so called unlucky thing of yours , which you had set in your brains in that manner and start your day with it .

Speak to your minds that no matter what , today is gonna be my day , set it in this manner , pray to God and then see the miracle happening .

Because , we are the only ones who term things in the manner of luck . If you are well focused on whatever you are doing (provided not causing harm to anyone ) , then you are going to have that blessing with you which would always lead you to the correct path in life .

So , go and give a kickstart to this wonderful week with this magical Monday !!

Have a great day lovely people ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š