Start Your Day With A Smile



This morning I made a resolution to myself ! The resolution is there itself in the title , so you all must have understood what today’s blog is all about . 

Whatever is was going on in your mind the last night , make sure when you sleep , you are tension free and relaxed . Talk to yourself , if today was not your day , tomorrow would be . Make it a point that when you get up the other morning  , the first and foremost thing one should do is to smile , and thank God for waking you up that morning. Speak within yourself that if there was a mistake made the day before , make sure it is not done the current day . Be positive , that it is gonna be your day , your happy and successful day indeed . 

Our life is a mirror , whatever action we give to it , it would revert in the same manner . So why not a smile ? Give a beautiful smile to your life . Your one step towards happiness in life will motivate it (life) to take a 100 steps in the same direction . There are may things in everyone lives to be happy about , so try to focus on those rather than cribbing on the things which one does not have .

Have a smiling day folks 🙂