Overcome Loneliness


Ever thought where does this word lonely comes from ?  When do you consider yourself as a lonely person ? Is sitting alone refers to loneliness ? No it is not . If we start giving company to ourselves , we would never ever be lonely . Get your mind , soul , and body along , that is all a person needs . Whenever you are doing some work , get engrossed in it fully not partially , give your full attention to it (work) . Bring your mind and soul together to get happiness in your work . 

Doing something which your mind isn’t in is of no use and on the other hand  , accomplishing the work which your soul isn’t happy with is again not fruitful .

Make a strong team within you  , as I always say , talk to yourself , stay true first of all to yourself and then to others as well .

A person is never lonely , his/er mindset is , and that is what makes a person feel lonely and isolated . There are numerous ways to be engaged in whatever you like , which your soul allows and feels happy with . Even if you are sitting idle , count you blessings , ponder on what God has showered you with . It is assured that you would end up smiling silently , and that is what our main aim is , to have that soft inner smile , which people have forgotten by running after things and luxuries . 

The day we realize what our main luxury is would be the happiest one . As one would know what he/she should aim at . Never tell your mind that you are lonely , always say we are together , your beautiful hands , your working feet , your sharp brain , your lovely eyes , ears , nose , mouth . These all are the magical blessings we are blessed with. Feel happy about what you have .

Have a happy and togetherness day folks 🙂 🙂