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I think everyone is familiar with the term anger , right ? Because we all have it in ourselves , some express it and some do not . Now the question arises , why to control your anger and how to do it ? It sounds really simple , however it is not as it seems . 

But if we make up our minds that we have to do so , trust me it will lead you to that path easily and efficiently . All depends upon us how we take things . We live in a world , where everyone is different to each other stating their own peculiar nature , and why not , even the fingers in our hands are not the same . But they all make one hand , similarly all shades in a person makes a human being . So , it is pretty much ok that you possess everything in you , still anger and frustration is something which we should all learn to have control on. Look , it is very much important for our well-being . When we express anger , we are obviously causing harm to the other person but more to ourselves. No one else would be more disturbed , but you yourself be the most . 

If we are at our working place , and our senior scolded us for doing something wrong , it made you angry , however you did not express it then and there , but once coming back home , a little disturbing thing or more than that could make you angry . You might be bursting at your child , or anyone else . What we notice here is , it is all the matter of priorities and rights , not the issue that you could not control it . If controlling was an issue , then you would not have been able to do so at your work place . Try out the same at every place .

The best way to do so is , just manage to smile when something makes you angry . Also just chant some religious and holy words in your mind , and then see the change which it brings . 

As I said , it all depends on us , how we react to things , and how we could control them . If we try out these simple steps in our day-to-day lives , things will go in a very easy and smooth manner .

I hope you all are going to try it out this beginning of the beautiful week itself .

Have a happy and anger free day folks