A Little Ignorance

You must be wondering that what sort of a topic name is this?

Why it has a concern with optimistic approach ?

How will ignorance help you in bringing positivity ?

The answer to all your queries is a big “YES”!!

Sometimes , we know what is happening around us and that too against us , but maturity does not lie in always giving every action , an equal and opposite reaction .

You will be surprised to know , when you start ignoring such things , a spark of positive beam runs throughout yourself , as if you are not at all concerned what people say against you , however , provided you should be capable enough of handling the situation and also confident that what others are saying is not true for you !

You might feel guilty , if what others are speaking against you is true , but do not do such deeds which could drop you in that situation .

You have to be good for yourself , as doing good deeds will make ‘you’ a better person only and would lead you to the correct path .

Irrespective of what is said , a person should be doing those deeds which his/her mind and soul gives a green signal to , and not very surprisingly , it would always take you to the correct path !!

Have a lovely day readers !!


Ease It Out

Is it always very important to take things really seriously everytime ? The problem with most of us is , we are in a hustle bustle all the time .

Just try and give a second thought , what if we do the required work easily , not always running after it , just to make ourselves look as if we are the only ones who work . However, that is not the case , what is required is that we should be responsible enough and should be thorough of our responsibilities . Try and make your work as easy as possible . Always wear a smile on your face when you are involved in any sort of work . Major point is that you should be relaxed in whatever you are doing .
Never stress out your brain . You could easily fool it off !! See , we are the ones who create panic in our minds which in turn reflects in our behaviours . Tell your mind , you could easily go through and mark my words , it is going to lead in the correct direction .
Like , for an instance , today itself , I got a bit late in waking up , however , instead of being panicky , I kept on doing my work smoothly , and trust me , I was not late at all , completed all my tasks in time , and felt really happy about it which left a smile on my face .
Try it out folks , I never say run away from your responsibilities , do obey them (responsibly) but in an easy manner . It is that simple 🙂 🙂

Right Direction


A Pleasant morning everyone !!

Its been long long long now 

Sitting in the balcony today , I was wondering what is the correct path towards anything and everything ? And the answers to that undoubtedly did wonders 🙂 🙂

It is not that we do not know what id right and what is wrong , somehow our own thoughts , beliefs and actions make us do the thing which is actually wrong , however seems right to us . Sounds Tricky ?? Yeah it does .

Whenever you are doing something just speak up to your minds , Am I doing the right thing ?? Would it lead me to the correct path ?? Even God helps us choosing the correct path , the only matter is to understand . God always gives us hints and directions , we are the ones who have to ponder upon them . No one else is going to come forward always to explain you distinguishing the rights and wrongs.

Sometimes we want a thing so desperately that we do not matter to chose whether it is right or wrong , and it may sometimes leave you tensed .

The only thing we have to do is to listen to our conscience .

Our inner consciousness is never gonna allow us to do something wrong . Trust me  it does . Even we all know whenever we try to do something wrong , for example speaking a lie , that inner instinct of ours is gonna prompt us saying no . Try and listen to it , it is never wrong . Trust and follow God’s directions , it will never take you to the wrong path!!

Have a great Monday and following days 🙂 🙂 🙂 


download (1).jpg

I think everyone is familiar with the term anger , right ? Because we all have it in ourselves , some express it and some do not . Now the question arises , why to control your anger and how to do it ? It sounds really simple , however it is not as it seems . 

But if we make up our minds that we have to do so , trust me it will lead you to that path easily and efficiently . All depends upon us how we take things . We live in a world , where everyone is different to each other stating their own peculiar nature , and why not , even the fingers in our hands are not the same . But they all make one hand , similarly all shades in a person makes a human being . So , it is pretty much ok that you possess everything in you , still anger and frustration is something which we should all learn to have control on. Look , it is very much important for our well-being . When we express anger , we are obviously causing harm to the other person but more to ourselves. No one else would be more disturbed , but you yourself be the most . 

If we are at our working place , and our senior scolded us for doing something wrong , it made you angry , however you did not express it then and there , but once coming back home , a little disturbing thing or more than that could make you angry . You might be bursting at your child , or anyone else . What we notice here is , it is all the matter of priorities and rights , not the issue that you could not control it . If controlling was an issue , then you would not have been able to do so at your work place . Try out the same at every place .

The best way to do so is , just manage to smile when something makes you angry . Also just chant some religious and holy words in your mind , and then see the change which it brings . 

As I said , it all depends on us , how we react to things , and how we could control them . If we try out these simple steps in our day-to-day lives , things will go in a very easy and smooth manner .

I hope you all are going to try it out this beginning of the beautiful week itself .

Have a happy and anger free day folks 


Overcome Loneliness


Ever thought where does this word lonely comes from ?  When do you consider yourself as a lonely person ? Is sitting alone refers to loneliness ? No it is not . If we start giving company to ourselves , we would never ever be lonely . Get your mind , soul , and body along , that is all a person needs . Whenever you are doing some work , get engrossed in it fully not partially , give your full attention to it (work) . Bring your mind and soul together to get happiness in your work . 

Doing something which your mind isn’t in is of no use and on the other hand  , accomplishing the work which your soul isn’t happy with is again not fruitful .

Make a strong team within you  , as I always say , talk to yourself , stay true first of all to yourself and then to others as well .

A person is never lonely , his/er mindset is , and that is what makes a person feel lonely and isolated . There are numerous ways to be engaged in whatever you like , which your soul allows and feels happy with . Even if you are sitting idle , count you blessings , ponder on what God has showered you with . It is assured that you would end up smiling silently , and that is what our main aim is , to have that soft inner smile , which people have forgotten by running after things and luxuries . 

The day we realize what our main luxury is would be the happiest one . As one would know what he/she should aim at . Never tell your mind that you are lonely , always say we are together , your beautiful hands , your working feet , your sharp brain , your lovely eyes , ears , nose , mouth . These all are the magical blessings we are blessed with. Feel happy about what you have .

Have a happy and togetherness day folks 🙂 🙂  

Start Your Day With A Smile



This morning I made a resolution to myself ! The resolution is there itself in the title , so you all must have understood what today’s blog is all about . 

Whatever is was going on in your mind the last night , make sure when you sleep , you are tension free and relaxed . Talk to yourself , if today was not your day , tomorrow would be . Make it a point that when you get up the other morning  , the first and foremost thing one should do is to smile , and thank God for waking you up that morning. Speak within yourself that if there was a mistake made the day before , make sure it is not done the current day . Be positive , that it is gonna be your day , your happy and successful day indeed . 

Our life is a mirror , whatever action we give to it , it would revert in the same manner . So why not a smile ? Give a beautiful smile to your life . Your one step towards happiness in life will motivate it (life) to take a 100 steps in the same direction . There are may things in everyone lives to be happy about , so try to focus on those rather than cribbing on the things which one does not have .

Have a smiling day folks 🙂


All There In Our Minds

Have we ever thought of trying to do something which is not common ? Of course we must have tried at some point in our lives .

Many of us live under the impression of being lucky or unlucky . We even check our days and specify them as our lucky day or an unlucky one . But what if we change our fortune for the day ? You could indeed , as it all lies there in your gray matter .

Try fooling out your brain at times . It is that simple .

Go ahead and try out an activity today . Let us suppose that there is something qhich you find really unfortunate for yourself and you have to leave for your important work or rather not important enough , however , ya , your daily routine say .

Go and grab that so called unlucky thing of yours , which you had set in your brains in that manner and start your day with it .

Speak to your minds that no matter what , today is gonna be my day , set it in this manner , pray to God and then see the miracle happening .

Because , we are the only ones who term things in the manner of luck . If you are well focused on whatever you are doing (provided not causing harm to anyone ) , then you are going to have that blessing with you which would always lead you to the correct path in life .

So , go and give a kickstart to this wonderful week with this magical Monday !!

Have a great day lovely people 😊😊

Be Inquisitive


Ever thought how boring life could become if we do not show interest in it and let it go on its own ? Whatever we are doing , we should be doing it whole hearty and should pour our full interest in it .

Many people hesitate in asking questions on whatever they are learning . They feel that they be turned out to be fools by their fellows if they ask something that the other has already understood . This is human nature , I do not deny it , however , it is better to be a foolish once rather than remaining the same for your lifetime . If you are not clear at any point in whatever you are learning , feel more than free to ask it again and again . 

Keep your aim in such a way , that if you are learning anything in any field , you should be knowing every bit of it . So that whenever in future , you need that to make use of your knowledge , you do not have to look at other faces for the answers . 

If you are applying any formulas or something , keep doing that until and unless you solve your query.

Be inquisitive by nature , you should not feel light unless you find the answer . It should always being poking inside you to get a solution .

Gain knowledge , improve your confidence level . 

Have an Inquisitive day !!

How To Avoid Stress


Now this is a very common term which we all come across in our day today lives . Everyone wants to get rid of it , right ? But how many of us really do something to avoid it or simply vanish away this not so good term from our happy living ?

There are nowadays endless things one could do to help out themselves to live a stress free life . The only way is to figure out what suits you the best .

Some people find happiness in doing gardening , some in listening songs , some start dancing , some start playing with their gadgets , however when we look upon it , could all this give a full-time relief from stress ? All these activities you may do for an hour or two but not the whole day .

Then what should be done for an all time happiness in life ? The answer is quite simple . All this stress and tension lies in our brain . All we have to do is , speak to our minds that what if we give some time more to whatever is going which is leaving you tense . Moreover , if the stress is given by someone else , it is more than easy to ignore it . If someone is giving you something , it is up to us whether to accept or avoid it . It may be a present or might be stress .

All depends on us what we accept and what we decline .

Just make your mind in such a way that any stressful situation should not affect your inner happiness . Once our inner peace and happiness is in tact , you could challenge any stressful scenarios , whether related to financial or personal .

As I say always , our darts should be always focused on inner peace .

Have a peaceful and pleasant day folks ☺☺



The other day I came across something very interesting . Nothing much , however a lot . I learnt that how could a person learn so much from little things around .

I was simply sitting and was not in a very cheerful mood though . Suddenly found , there were things around which were not in place . So , thought of arranging them in a nice manner .
When I started doing that , I found , the place where they were supposed to be kept was really untidy . I took a rag , a wet cloth , some mats and started cleaning them .
Trust me , I was not at all in a mood to do all this , however , once I commenced the same , it involved me so much in it , that it took out more and more from me and with a smile on my face though . As if the racks were happy to be cleaned , they were happy that they are been taken care off by someone . My not so good mood turned into a cheerful one in no time doing this work of happiness.
It is all upto us how we take our lives , like this small work of cleanliness left me with immense pleasure . Similarly , if we keep cleaning our thoughts and give them a positive direction , they will also leave us smiling , you will be happy yourself that you are blessed with beautiful thoughts .
Cleanliness always leads to a better outcome , whether it is cleaning of our surroundings or it is your own thoughts and living .
Go ahead , clean something today and be cheerful .
Have a clean , tidy day !!☺☺

Never Give Up !!


Do you all know where does ones potential lacks behind ? It is not when he / she fails to do any task , it is not in the planning phase , it is not in the execution phase as well , it is therefore when one gives up , raise up his / her hands , leaves his / her will to do that task again .

It really leaves a negative impact on ones health and motivation , when the give up phase comes in between .

There is an old phase :

‘ Try try try until and unless you succeed ‘ .

It is more or less very true . Never let yourself or anyone else destroy your motive , goal to acheive the aimed tasks . It would not affect anyone else however you yourself only as it is going to keep you demotivated and that fear to do that specified task will always remain in your mind .

Always remember :

Rome was not built in a day

So come on folks , grab this Sunday oppurtunity to do something which you have been trying since long and gave up hard of trying .

Try it today !! Have a great day !! ☺☺

Thought For The Day

Intelligence is not in speaking big things ,

It is in understanding small things indeed ❗❗

Have a smiling day lovely people 😊😊

Key to happiness


Sometimes , there is a situation when we feel that in spite of doing every possible work , we aren’t getting the credit which we deserve , on the contrary we are blamed for not doing our tasks .

Do not let this type of situation hamper your happiness , your ability of doing work , your inner strength , your power of accomplishing goals in any manner .

At times all we need is to sit calm and observe what all is happening . Your reaction to every action you come across is not always required .

Peace in your mind is utmost important which could only be achieved if we stop letting these negatives around us to bother ourselves . The more you think about them , the more they haunt our minds , soul and destroy our inner peace .

Just keep in mind that whatever we do , we should be doing with our full heart and for our happiness .

Key to happiness is in staying calm rather than outbursts ❗❗

Have a great day folks ☺☺

Thought For The Day

There is no point in explaining yourself to the one who is determined not to understand you 

So Chill ❗❗

🤗Have a great Day 



Don’t we think that words are the most vital thing which we all have . It is something or rather I should say everything with which one could make or break things / relations . Using harsh words in our language is going to make ourselves weaker as it is directly proportional in harming one’s inner peace . We all should keep our darts to focus on our inner selves .

See , our outer beauty could be enhanced by using many things available in the market , however for the most important inner beauty , we only are solely and wholly responsible .

With time , we all experience in our lives is , what is going to benefit ourselves in our future is none other than a beautiful soul . 

Words once spoken out could never be taken back , it is the most powerful tool we have , which has a direct impact on someone’s heart or make them away from us .  God has gifted us with a beautiful tongue which is the strongest muscle as well , we should try to use it in a pleasing and alluring manner so that it leaves a beautiful impression about us on ourselves as well as on others .

We should always be very calm about our words .

Go ahead and make yourself and then someone smile with your beautiful words . 

Good morning ❗❗

Feel Happy


This morning , having a look at my site , I wondered , is this work really done by me ? I mean , I felt really happy that I wrote them . It brought a lively smile on my face . See , nothing is perfect in this world , we are at times happy and at times sad , which is very normal ,as we are human beings , but thats ‘OK’ .

Like today only, I was nowhere in a mood to write a blog today  being stuck in some other important work , however when I opened my website , just to have a look , which I do everyday , as I take care of it as my baby , and do not want it to be leftover even for a single day . I started gazing and scrolling it downwards , and you know what all smiles came up on my face , and I felt really calm and was appreciating myself that ‘YES’ , finally , finally I contributed something in this stressful world , a work of peace , a work of harmony , which gave me the happiness I wanted to be within me .

The main benefit which one could get from our work is , the benefit of happiness , the feeling of light – heart , which is not comparable to anything else in this universe . 

When you are happy , you could make others happy as well , as it says , charity begins at home !!

Hope you all get my point . Feel happy in whatever you are doing , in addition to it , the work should be done with your will , and should not be forced upon , and do not forget to appreciate your work , as it bounces back , will give you appreciation . 

With all smiles and happiness , Stay tuned !!

Thought For The Day

Add beauty to your beautiful soul with your pretty ‘SMILE’

Never let this most powerful 5 letter word to go out of your lives ❗❗


images (2)

Ever thought why we fall in love with the babies at once ? Why we feel that they are so so adorable in whatever they may be doing , why they look so cute , its none other than the innocence they carry . The babies are so innocent in real sense as they are away from any sort of tension . Even if you scold your baby , he / she will react for a minute and would end up cuddling in your arms .

They are a full packet of love , warmth , happiness and that is why bundle of joy term is given to them .

What if we go back into our childhood again and relive those cute moments . It all depends on us solely .

A child is happy always , as he is away from the harshness , why don’t we also keep a distance from the ruthless side of life and ponder upon its beauty .

One could not conquer the world being shrewd , your innocence and simplicity is something which would attract everyone the most ( at least I think so ).

I don’t say that one should sound brainless in gatherings , that is not the meaning of being innocent ( don’t take me wrong ) . One has to be intelligent enough to deal with everything in life , however , take an innocent path rather than showing your cleverness .

Stay positive , Stay loved with your innocence 👍👍 and that is how its going to help you lead an optimistic life 🤗🤗

Stay in touch for more ❗❗


images (1).jpeg

Ohh what a peace !! 

This Sunday morning , sitting in the bright sun and watching the birds chirping , I found life is really awesome. I mean , just look at those beautiful birds , who are so care free , flying here and there , enjoying the brightness of the sun . Not like us , who are caged in the world of gadgets , making ourselves panicky at times .

Couldn’t help myself writing on hearing these soft chirpings , as if they were politely talking to and asking me to stay light-hearted and carefree . 

I found this mesmerizing that how could just a little thing could help you stay calm and peaceful . There is so much to learn from our surroundings if one is observant enough .

Thank you little birds , you made my day , and hopefully this blog of mine would make yours 😊 

Stay happy , stay peaceful and blessed 🤗🤗


imagesWhenever we look at something or someone , our human nature instantly starts comparing / collating it with some or the other , its a human nature and at times we could not help ourselves from doing so . However , if we really want to collate something or someone , it should always be done with self . 

If we start practicing this habit , it would be really beneficial for our near future . It renders a great help as one comes to know what were the pros and cons and what are going to be . For instance , when we are studying in high school , or graduating / post graduating , we see that how much others are scoring irrespective of what knowledge others are gaining . Scores do matter but are not everything . If you really want to compare your scores , so why do you need someone else when your previous scores are self sufficient to be compared with ? 

Similarly , at our homes or in our day to day working life , there are people who keep on collating you with others , but what is the need ? We all should be self satisfied that it is very much OK to be yourself . Do not compare the siblings also amongst themselves . Motivating one at one hand and demotivating the other on the other hand is not the solution to the things the latter can’t do . It is always better to look upon them as they are and encourage them to do more . Comparison would not help . 

Compare with oneself , where you were standing earlier and where you are today ! !  

Each person on this earth has some or the other ability which makes him / her different from the other .  We all should try and find out ours (ability) or hidden talent and focus on it . 

It will help us to stay confident , self motivated and happy , undoubtedly ❗❗


Will get back soon to to our happy go lucky blogs 😊😊

Down To Earth

unnamed (2).gif

A person , whether male or female should be practical enough so that he / she sounds sensible in every manner .

If you are unaware of something , it is way better to stay quite instead of speaking non-sense and sounding irrelevant .

Advise when you’re asked for , do not waste your time and energy for someone or something where you could be made fun off .

 A person , to attain a respectable position in the society , should not be having pride of oneself so much that it is taken overhead . Whilst , you are confident enough in whatever you do , do not look down others as well . 

Is is vital to stay down to earth for a healthy wealthy living .

Stay tuned for more ❗❗



truth-what-does-it-meanDon’t we think that to stay positive and to have an optimistic outlook towards life , it is essential to stay true , whatever may be the situation  ! Yes it is highly important . If one stays truthful , he does not have to remember it . As when we lie , to cover that we have to tell another lie , and to cover that , another comes in the queue . So the chain goes on and on and on❗❗

It is always better to stay true to first of all yourself and then to others . No matter what , you would never get entangled in any situation , no doubt truth is always bitter and you may be scared of the consequences ( if at all it reaches that level of extent ) , however , still make sure that you are truthful . A truth spoke once will keep you happy for life time , whereas , on the other hand , a lie would keep you in a state of throb all the time . 

If ever you have made a mistake , and you know it very well that you are going to be scolded hard for the same reason , still , do not run away from it , be confident enough to face it , and learn from it . Don’t hide it as one day or the other the cards are going to open up , so it is always better to face it right away than too linger it for long . 

Stay true ❗ Stay well ❗ Stay happy ❗❗❗❗❗ you will be always loved this way 😊 

Please pour in your comments below 👇





When we talk about happiness and positivity in life , first and foremost thing which should strike in our super fast running minds is staying contended. If a person is able to achieve this state of mind in which he / she is well satisfied with what so ever they are having , they are the happiest and the luckiest people on this earth .

Pacifying self is the greatest help one could offer themselves . No doubt there is n number of fantasies all around us who are waiting to attract your beautiful eyes , there are people who are always anxious to show you what they have , and what you do not . It is upon us how we perceive things around us . Trust me , there is no better way to have inner peace other than pleasing yourself with what you have is well for your well being .

When you get to know that all the things in the world are not real , they are a fallacy , it is presumed world made by people and is virtual , what real is , is what lying within you , your soul , your heart , so work to please them , rather than pleasing the outside world . They are going to benefit you more than anything else .

Stay calm , stay pleased , stay contented !!!!!!!!! And not to forget , stay tuned for more 😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋

Would love to see a healthy debate on this , drop in your comments below 👇


anigif_enhanced-7427-1405370621-65.gifWork should be like food to everyone in their lives . One should understand the importance of work . Like , we have to eat our food in order to avoid medicines so that medicines do not become our food in future , in the similar manner we should be seeing ‘work’.

Now , here there is a difference in what I am talking about . We do not only have to work to acquire a livelihood , anyways that is there and should be , however our main aim should be working , not necessarily in the monetary terms , any sort of work . It could be cleaning your surroundings , cooking , worshiping ,  trying different ways to explore in whatever field you like . But there should be work . Not only tangible, but also intangible work , the work which runs in our minds , in our thoughts . 

God has given us our minds to use, to make full use of it . Do not stop working in your minds . It carries utmost importance . There is no such work which you don’t learn from .

The thing is , for peace and harmony in our lives , one should be engaged in some or the sort of work . 

Now whether you work smartly or work hard , that all depends upon one’s efficiency , yes but please don’t make it hardly any work 😆🤣lol.

Our main aim is to give work to our brains and not let it sit idle and allow it to party 😀 , because our brain does not party’s the way we want it to . Hope you all understood 😊 .

Keep working , keep playing and partying with your work thoughts without stress , make sure 👍👍

Stay healthy , stay calm and of course stay tuned for more and more !!!!!!!!!!


unnamed (1).gifWhen we talk about calmness in our lives , patience pays an essential role there . One who deals everything patiently has the ability to overcome anything coming his / her way without any obstacles . 

There are different types of people all around us . Some have the hurry to do work , some just want to compete others, some do the work with lot of tension in their minds , etc . All five fingers are not same that we all know , however , we should aim at doing our tasks efficiently and calmly . 

I am not talking about doing your work slowly and getting stuck to it .

We should understand that working hastily will not only ruin the work but also lower down your efficiency and perfection in it ( work ).

We should always be communicative to our minds . What if we spend 5 more to it ? This could be in numbers , in reference to time , etc . Just say to your mind , no worries , give it another 5 . You will see how this method changes your ability to do work .

Patience will help you to deal with a stressful situation , as acting violently to it won’t help at all and also affect you adversely . Just pass the time self-restrained which is going to help you to stay in power . Increasing your internal powers is going to help you in becoming a better person as a whole .

It may sound stupid to be forbearing all time but trust me its gonna help you the most .

Catch for more !!!!!!!!

Stay calm , stay patient , stay happy , not only for others , but for your good 👍

How to Manage ?


In our busy schedule of life , it becomes really difficult for almost everyone to make things in their place , to manage things , relationships , responsibilities , etc. There is always so much to do . If you are in the studying phase , there is so much to study , in the working phase , a lot of work  and assignments to do , and when you get married , all set of new responsibilities are lined up . 

So , day by day we learn that we have to cope with the day-to-day activities , the responsibilities are not going to decrease , they are going to increase only .

It is always better that we keep every responsibility at its own place . 

We need to focus on everything , go in-depth , what is the thing demanding from you to do . Likewise , it is always good to have a time slot for each activity. When you give a proper time , you will notice the difference in your power of management . Your work should be devoted in every manner , which is going to give you perfection in your tasks , your relationships , also will make you a better human being .

Getting your time slot framed , is the best practice to manage everything .

Also , apart from this , we all should not forget a time slot for self which is in evident for us to stay fit !! 

‘mentally and physically’😊😊👍👍



unnamedLet us make it very clear what we are going to discuss in this topic . ‘UNDERSTANDING’. Isn’t it really important for all of us to have an understanding, do not confuse it with understanding others , rather , I am talking about understanding ourselves i.e. Self Understanding , which carries utmost importance .

One has to understand themselves deeply in order to understand others . Without understanding self , there is no point in understanding others . If a person is not-self sufficient in understanding himself / herself , how could he / she be able to understand others. The point which arises here is to have a wider vision of deep one self where a person is translucent about his / her pros and cons.

A person who understands oneself wholly , that person would not want to understand others .

That person is going to find no need in understanding others as he / she will be happy enough and self-satisfied , which is more important other than anything ,  as whatever we do , we do it for our own happiness .

This lets us to be merry in our own inner world 😊😊!!!!!!!!!


Be Expressive

expressive_iconExpressions are something which we all have , now the question arises , how many of us are expressive enough ? How many of us really express what we want ? What we really desire ? 

It is utterly important for all of us to be expressive , so that we could tell what we want , rather than just keeping it to ourselves. Nobody would know what you desire , until and unless you yourself express your feelings .

We should not think that what others will think if we will say this or if we wont say that . Significantly , all of us have feelings , now the person who suppresses his / her feelings , would not be having inner peace and inner happiness , because somewhere at some point of life , he / she would be thinking that their opinions , their views are never taken into consideration . How will they be taken , when you yourself are solely responsible for the same . You never put forward your views , then people start taking you for advantage . We are the ones who could make ourselves important and vice versa is true any ways .

Start expressing yourself today , to feel light , to stay happy , for your comfort .


Stay tuned for more and more !!!!!!!!!!!!

Thought For The Day

“Mistake made once is mistake ,

Twice , could still be handled ,

More than that ,  converts into habit!!” 

 Do not make your mistakes , your habit , learn from them , they are the ‘greatest lessons ‘ in life  !!

Over Thinking


Now this is really a point to ponder . Is it right to over think or is it completely wrong to over think and let it go. This is something we all wonder , isn’t it?

Our purpose is not to completely avoid over thinking , if we are going to do so , how are we going to achieve our goals ? On the other hand you might be thinking , over thinking will lead to stress , depression .

Here we have to be very careful and learn that there is no harm in over thinking whilst you keep in your mind that you are over thinking in the right direction and not the wrong direction . 

Now , the question which arises in all our super fast minds is How to differentiate between Right Over Thinking & Wrong Over Thinking ? 

When , our thinking is based upon beliefs , illusions , it is wrong thinking , on the other hand if it is based upon reality , facts , then it is right thinking !! Sounds simple or Tricky ??

So go on over thinking in the right direction , think on the facts , on the reality . Stop focusing on the beliefs , on the thoughts which you think is there and actually is not !!

I hope I made it clear to you all . For any queries , feel free to drop in your comments , would love to go on a further discussion on the same .

Stay Tuned for more !!

Good day !!



Well if I talk about DREAM , it is moreover combination of 5 magical letters arranged in order , which usually gives you goosebumps , surprises , horror and many more !!!!!!!!!!!

I consider them as ” letters of emotions ” !! Well that is how I see them !!!!!!!

To all DREAMERS out there , do not let anyone dim your light , do not tell anyone that your dreams are unrealistic or stupid. Also , do not let anyone destroy your soul and submit to reality !!

Sometimes , you have to fight for your life , dreams  , & Future!!

At the end of the day , it is between you and them (DREAMS). You and Yourself.

Fall in love with your dreams , you never know when they (Dreams) will start loving you and you are going to find yourself like a……….QUOTE!!





Why Does This Happen To Me ?

tenor (1).gif

How many of us are under this thought ??? Why does this happens only to me ?? The answer would be ” many of us “. Right ?

I don’t think that there is a single person who hasn’t uttered these words even once in their life . If yes , then : thumbs up !! 

Have we ever thought , that we only utter these words when something bad happens to us , or something which we do not have expected , or which we don’t want to happen .

The thing is , we have made our mindset in such a way , that we believe , it is only happening to us . However , when something good , something surprising in a pleasant manner happens to us , do we utter these words then as well ? The answer is “NO” , “Never” . We all become so secretive at that time so that no one could even guess what is happening in our lives . It is a bitter truth .

We should always be thankful to God , and ponder on all the blessings ‘He’ has endowed us with divine favour and protection. 

We all are fortunate enough , to seek ‘His’ divine blessings . So stop complaining right away !!

Stay Blessed !!

Feel free to drop in your comments ..



Release The Mental Pressure


The other day , I met someone who was preparing for competitive exam. He was so confident that he is going to clear the exam with a good percentage of score. I felt so good listening this that the person is so positive about clearing the exam.

The days were passing by and were approaching towards the result day .

Finally ,  the result day came . Was so excited to hear his result . However , when I had a word with him , got the answer , the exam was not cleared .He was really disappointed and disheartened at the same time . I told him , nothing to worry about , you could nail it next time for sure , and if not , then the next time . Next time is always there.

Then he told me , he was OK with it , however he was under so much pressure of his family for clearing that exam . His disheartening was due to his family’s pressure . His family even suggested him to not to prepare for the same exam again. Isn’t that really de-motivating ??

What we learn from this is , we should always feel light in all the aspects of life . Never feel pressurize . Pressure gives rise to over thinking and tension leading to deviate the person from his current focus.

This is not only for the competitive exams that we have to be pressure free, in our other and all life scenarios also, we should follow the same agenda !

Take it lightly , and never be pressurized , you will succeed for sure !!!!!!!


Fall in love with yourself

love myself.gifFall in love with yourself . Sounds crazy ? It is not at all . Trust me .

Falling in love with yourself is the best you could do . In fact , it is the most prestigious gift one could gift themselves.

Find out what you do not like in yourself ? Why you don’t like it ?What could be done to improve it ? 

*Talk to yourself the most *

Question your brain , search for answers , not for anyone else but only for you .

Sit idle in an open area , look at the sky. It would give you the feeling of harmony . Then calmly think , is there anything in you which is keeping you away from disliking you ? 

If you get the answer YES , then head towards correcting it .

On the contrary , if the answer you get is NO , then who is stopping you to love yourself beyond infinity.

The only thing is :

<Stay True To Yourself>




When it comes to motivation , how many of us are self motivated ? Do we need someone else to motivate us ? Our we not ourselves self-sufficient to motivate us ?

The answer to all the above queries is 

*Yes We Are*

Yes , we all our capable enough to motivate oneself. Do not wait for others to motivate you to fulfil your dreams , your desires , accomplish your goals .

Self motivation is what we all require .

It should come within your heart. If you know that you are doing the right thing and following the correct direction , say it your heart , yes I can do it .

Your body , your mind , your soul is a stronger team in itself. They know you better than anyone else .

Start motivating yourself today onwards . Never let yourself down .

Have a logo :

I can do it .

No force could ever stop you , provided you are self motivated and confident .

Try it out and post in your comments about how it works .

Looking forward to your views !!!!!!!




Sense Of Humour


Though everyone has a sense of humour , the manner which we portray it matters to a great extent .

It is categorised as a good and bad sense of humour .

Now the question arises how to differentiate between a good and bad sense of humour 

For example : a comedian standing in a crowd is having that ability in his humour which attracts people around him , moreover he is having that particular knowledge to judge what people want him to convey and also spectators enjoy him which is called good sense of humour 

Whilst on the other hand , another person is speaking endlessly on any topic disregarding what people want , also sounding rubbish , not able to differentiate if people are enjoying him or making fun of 😆 which in turn is called as bad sense of humour .

A good sense of humour is a great personality trait . The person having it is the happiest as to stay jolly and make people laugh in this stressful world is a great job one could do .

So a good sense of humour is a must have in order to live freely , happily , so enjoy and make others smile .


003When it comes to confidence , we have it and one should be confident in order to achieve heights of success

However there are certain points which are to be pondered upon 

Have a look at the following 

  • There is a lot of difference between confidence an over confidence . For example : we have the confidence that we can do a particular task and we accomplish it , on the other hand , we boast oneself that its easier to do a task and we fail doing it that is over confidence .
  • Also how we portray our confidence to others matters a lot . Stating an example for the same : Facing an interviewer in an interview , interviewees expect the volunteers to be confident enough. The concerned person should be sufficiently capable to impress the interviewed .
  • Your personality is depicted by your confidence .
  • Be confident in whatever you speak or whatever you do.
  • Self confidence is must for everyone .

One can complete numerous tasks having the required confidence . Also having inner confidence which sometimes needs to be shown whilst on the other side needs to be hidden .

Your surprising abilities are good too ☺☺

Post in your comments for further discussions 


abc10This is something which we all experience at some point in our lives 

Likewise some people have fear from water ( Hydrophobic ) , some from heights and some from doing regular tasks 

Everyone has their own aspect towards life ,  however , we should be centrally focused that we do not have to fear from anything 

All is to fear is to fear from fear

This is only one line but has deep meaning 

When we fear from anything we avoid doing it , we ignore it . So just fear from fear which clearly implies – if we will fear from fear , we will avoid fearing 😎( Tricky but true 😋)

Try the same 

Stay tuned 



Superstitions and OCD

superstitionDon’t we think that the living standards are altogether changed these days ?

The answer to which is ‘ yes it is ‘

In todays stressful lives , many people are suffering from sadness , loneliness, depression , etc which heads them towards a new pack of superstitions

People who are sad , lonely , depressed , easily come under the trap of superstitions and in turn OCD ( Obstructive Compulsive Disorder )

It is highly affecting today’s generation .

According to this disorder , people get certain strings of thoughts running in their minds that they have to perform their tasks this number of times in order to get satisfaction  or if they will not do so , something can cause harm to them ( just an example stated )

It can have a lot of adverse effect on their lives

And the thing which can take them off doing all this is their own mind 

Keep a straight view that there is nothing of this sort and force your mind to think that over and over and see the difference your mind wont be able to think that again and again as it has numerous jobs to do , lol 😃

Try it out and will continue on the same .

Stay tuned 😎


Keep It Simple

82015-Stay-Simple-Stay-TrueIn this leading world where everybody is running after something or the other , let’s try and keep it as simple as it can be

Making things complicated could be difficult to handle and at times one feels being entangled in his/her own life 

Being simple in every possible manner could make things easier , our activities smoother , helping us to be relaxed.

In today’s competitive world , each one wants to be superior than other which actually is as everyone has some or the other quality differing from the other , so why compare ourselves to anyone 

So let’s be happy and comfortable in our very own place where there is are no-show offs , just be what you are and life will be really enjoying .

Please post in your comments to make it a healthy discussion



Stay Calm


Though we know that staying calm is not everyone’s cup of tea , however , we all should take an initiative in our lives for the same .

It is difficult to achieve our goals if we lose our temper which also leads to frustration.

If we want the agenda of life to be a positive one so first and foremost we should learn to stay calm and easy .

It will also help us to release any sort of burden .

It really helps (really does).

Try this out and also do not forget to leave your comments below on the same .

Stay tuned for more !

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