truth-what-does-it-meanDon’t we think that to stay positive and to have an optimistic outlook towards life , it is essential to stay true , whatever may be the situation  ! Yes it is highly important . If one stays truthful , he does not have to remember it . As when we lie , to cover that we have to tell another lie , and to cover that , another comes in the queue . So the chain goes on and on and on❗❗

It is always better to stay true to first of all yourself and then to others . No matter what , you would never get entangled in any situation , no doubt truth is always bitter and you may be scared of the consequences ( if at all it reaches that level of extent ) , however , still make sure that you are truthful . A truth spoke once will keep you happy for life time , whereas , on the other hand , a lie would keep you in a state of throb all the time . 

If ever you have made a mistake , and you know it very well that you are going to be scolded hard for the same reason , still , do not run away from it , be confident enough to face it , and learn from it . Don’t hide it as one day or the other the cards are going to open up , so it is always better to face it right away than too linger it for long . 

Stay true ❗ Stay well ❗ Stay happy ❗❗❗❗❗ you will be always loved this way 😊 

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