Right Direction


A Pleasant morning everyone !!

Its been long long long now 

Sitting in the balcony today , I was wondering what is the correct path towards anything and everything ? And the answers to that undoubtedly did wonders 🙂 🙂

It is not that we do not know what id right and what is wrong , somehow our own thoughts , beliefs and actions make us do the thing which is actually wrong , however seems right to us . Sounds Tricky ?? Yeah it does .

Whenever you are doing something just speak up to your minds , Am I doing the right thing ?? Would it lead me to the correct path ?? Even God helps us choosing the correct path , the only matter is to understand . God always gives us hints and directions , we are the ones who have to ponder upon them . No one else is going to come forward always to explain you distinguishing the rights and wrongs.

Sometimes we want a thing so desperately that we do not matter to chose whether it is right or wrong , and it may sometimes leave you tensed .

The only thing we have to do is to listen to our conscience .

Our inner consciousness is never gonna allow us to do something wrong . Trust me  it does . Even we all know whenever we try to do something wrong , for example speaking a lie , that inner instinct of ours is gonna prompt us saying no . Try and listen to it , it is never wrong . Trust and follow God’s directions , it will never take you to the wrong path!!

Have a great Monday and following days 🙂 🙂 🙂